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Vegan and lazy oats cookies

Do you already have these cookie cravings afternoon during winter? Didn't you find yourself looking for a snack on Sunday afternoon to go with your movie? At home, we do not buy cookies. So either, I bake it or we don't have it!
And then, Sundays are made for laziness and relax... at bit of prep for the week, yes, but sometimes, you just do not feel to spend time in the kitchen, and still feel like have a cookie!
And as I am also demanding, if I have a cookie, it must be healthy! Laziness and cosy afternoon, does not mean you have to cheat on your diet! You perfectly can have it all!
I found this quick recipe that brings all together in less than 20 minutes! No need to have special ingredients in your pantry, and still you can get a great healthy cookie! Gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free: what else can you ask for?
I found it so delicious and nutritious, that it became my breakfast for the whole week! Ingredients for 9 large cookies:
- 2 ripe bananas - 150 gr. of rolled …

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