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Appetit Voyage is cooking your Devon-me retreat 2018

Have you ever dreamed of a writing retreat with a professional writer coach that will guide you through the blooming of your writing, while you can also discover new places, get inspired and enjoy great food???
This sounds like a perfect treat to me! And this is why I will participate to Jo Parfitt Devon's writing retreat from 7 till 12 of July 2018.

Actually, I will be there to be with you and bring my cooking skills and cuisine vision to your holidays closing the holistic whole of amazing activities!
Would you like to know more and book the retreat, feel free to have a look here:
Feel free to share with your writers friends and spread the word! Jo and I are really excited preparing this retreat mixing great local food, healthy and yummy recipes to inspire you even more during your trip to Devon!
While Europe is back to the Siberian freeze, it is time to plan holidays in the sun!!!! a ppetit voyage is much more than reviews and recipes!
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