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Fluffiest Gluten and Sugar Free Lemon Cake

Because Celiac people also deserve fluffy and moist cakes! And because I love the Spanish flavors here, this cake will make you travel to Andalusia free of sugar high and gluten!
When I started to team work with Cecilia Gotherstrom, years ago, one of the most important thing she told me, talking about being Celiac, was how much she missed the fluffy pastries and bread. 
As a food lover, I found it so heartbreaking to not be able to eat some products,... quite impossible to admit for me! And I swore to myself to work and create recipes that my celiac friends could enjoy, trying to remind them as much as possible the taste and texture of gluten products.

To this, I added an extra parameter, when I discovered how expensive was gluten free food in the supermarkets in France, Spain or the Netherlands, and how bad it was tasting. Most ingredients of gluten free processed products are quite disgusting and are so highly processed and industrial, that I am not surprised they taste so bad. I wante…

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